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About D’Cadre

D’Cadre is a consortium of companies working seamlessly as a single unit to provide an array of services from solving corporate and personal problems to business analysis, marketing and consultation and crafting luxury events on private islands as well as trading commodities such as oil, gold and sand and manufacturing of eco-friendly modern container restaurants, resorts and accommodation.

As a company steeped in a rich and diverse international background, we understand diverse cultures, languages and most importantly businesses wherever they are from. Our main focus is to bridge the east to the west through leveraging on our speciality in building lasting relationships and bringing companies together for a profitable partnership.

Mission: To be the trustworthy partner-of-choice in helping businesses develop best practices and best-fit contacts that suits their needs

Why D’Cadre?

D'Cadre's full suite of business services can be summed up in 2 points:

1. Fixers: We either solve your problems, or make them disappear

2. Connectors: We strategically connect businesses to create a win-win-win scenario

Transforming your business goals into reality can be daunting, and we understand the frustration which comes with trying to solve everything at once while achieving nothing at all. With D’Cadre, this ends now.

Whether you're inept to solve a problem, or are unable to find the right people, our 6 highly customisable services will put your mind at ease.

About the Founder

Desmond Chow is a highly sought-after leadership coach, with vast experience in negotiation, facilitating change, building high performing teams and creating experiential learning programmes, which add value to any client event or sustainable change initiatives.

He has a Msc in Marketing from Manchester Business School, and being a workshop leader with a decade of experience delivering solutions in negotiation, leadership and team skills across 18 cities, and 11 countries.

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